AET Defence

cropped-ausdisk-3.jpgAET currently manufactures; Charge, Shaped, Demolition, 150mm (CDS 150). And, under licence from the Commonwealth of Australia represented by DSTO, the following Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Units:

  • EBD80 (“AusDisc”)
  • ELC300 & ELC150 (“AusZipper”)
  • ESC38 (“AusPlastic”)

AET has fabricated specialised research shaped charges for Land Engineering Agency and also provides Right Cylindrical and Spherical Composition B charges to AMRL (Marine Platforms Division). AET Ballistic Discs are from time to time purchased through distributors for ADF.

AET can offer various cast fill for ordnance items and also PETN / RDX Silicone PBX fills (XTX-8003 / 8004)