ELC AusZipper

The ELC150 and ELC300 devices are a linear shaped charge system designed for ordnance disposal applications.

The ELC150 and ELC300 devices are designed to penetrate munition casings and initiate a low order burn of the explosive filling, in a single step process, thereby rendering the munitions safe with minimal impact on the local environment.

The ELC150 and ELC300 devices cut a large opening in the target munition which allows the reaction products to vent freely.
While assorted linear shaped charges are reliable for cutting open the cases of unexploded ordnance, they do not commonly cause the main filling to ignite and burn out in the same operation. A second approach is required to place an incendiary charge to burn out the filling in-situ. ELC liners are constructed so as to supply a large amount of heat energy to dramatically increase the probability of the munition filling igniting.

ELC150 and ELC300 devices have been successfully used, to date, against munitions containing A3, Comp B, H6, RDX/Al/Wax, RDX/TNT/Al/Wax, TNT, TNT/Al & Tritonal.