BD260, 318, 514

BD260Ballistic Discs provide a safe and effective way of remotely clearing hang ups and upstanding rill in draw points and stopes. When detonated a ballistic disc produces a large steel slug that is propelled at hypersonic velocity (2000-2600 m/s). The kinetic energy transferred on impact, up to 60 MegaJoules with the BD514, shatters the target area. As accurate aiming is paramount, provision for a laser aiming attachment is fitted to all disc faces.
Ballistic Disc use in underground mining enables a true “non-stope entry” method of safely removing hang ups. Accordingly Ballistic Disc use is mandatory in several Australian underground mines. Ballistic Discs further aid safe underground operations as they permit the abortion of firing at any stage, and safe recovery of an aborted or misfired round.